Performance Testing News for March 18, 2014

Radware Improves

Radware recently conducted A/B testing for CTO Parag Patel knew that his website was not meeting the capabilities of where it could be. Often times the homepage took 10 seconds to load. Before accepting the service, Partel needed Radware to prove the ROI of their FastView solution. First, Radware demonstrated how FastView could cut page load times in half. Then they conducted an A/B test, serving half of AutoAnything’s traffic the accelerated version of the site and the other half the unaccelerated version. After the trial, Radware found that the accelerated site moved the numbers on three ecommerce metrics:

  • Conversions increased by 9%
  • Averaged cart sized increased by 11%
  • Sales increased by 13%

For more details on the case study visit Radware

Speed, Performance, and Human Perception

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer and developer advocate at Google. In his talk at Fluent 2014, Grigorik explains that there is more to performance than milliseconds, kilobytes, and frames per second.

During the presentation Ilya talks about his love and hate relationship with Hacker News. Technically, the site is really fast. It has 10kb of HTML, 30kb of CSS, 500 bytes of GIFs, and the site renders less than <500ms. It qualified itself well above the technical metrics. Hacker News is a wonderful page, but based on user experience on mobile, it was horrible. Because the texts are so small, it takes a couple of seconds to read everything. Ilya  had to zoom in, pitch and zoom, some more, and swipe left to continue reading a headline. Overall, it took 5-10 seconds. Although Hacker News, fulfilled the technical aspect, it failed on the UX part. Ilya told the audience “Ask yourself what is the primary user tasks? What is the time to that task completion?”