Performance Testing News for March 31, 2014

Measuring Web Performance with Scottrade

Scottrade has been awarded by Compuware for superior website performance. The results were based on the average response time, availability and consistency of their sites throughout the previous year.

Response Time — Measures the end-to-end time elapsed while downloading each Web page for the entire multi step transaction process.

Availability — Measures the percentage of successfully completed tests out of total test attempts for the period.

Consistency — Measures the standard deviation of the response times of successful tests. The goal is to have a low number (in seconds), which indicates how consistent the response time is each time a user visits a website.

Scottrade’s website speed average response was 3.99 seconds, compared to the industry 2013 average of 7.74 seconds. Scottrade’s 2013 availability averaged 99.94 percent. Scottrade consistenly reviews their web performance to ensure we’re providing a consistent, quality trading experience so all you have to focus on is your next trade.

Synthetic Vs RUM

The metrics you use to measure your page performance can impact your view on a website's performance. Mike McCall, Product Architect at Akamai, tells users the difference between the tools and wthe purpose of each one.

Design Tools for Wireframing

There are numerous wire-framing tools on the web, Here’s a list a top 5 list to from Bryan Werbinski to help you get started: Visit WebDesignLedger to get started.