Ouch! This was a shocking discovery because common sense would tell us that large companies have faster sites. You would think that their large budgets and a focus on customer service would result in high performance of their important retail web properties. Not so. Strangeloop published a study that shows surprisingly poor performance by many "big" sites. They concluded that:

Study reveals that top websites are slower, not faster, than the rest of the pack.

Their study examined the top 100 and top 2,000 retail sites according to Alexa. Key findings include:

The average page load time was 11.21 seconds

These are the sites that loaded quickest.

  • ecrater.com - 2.270
  • futureshop.ca - 2.768
  • amazon.com - 2.939
  • emusic.com - 3.131
  • wellsfargo.com - 3.146
  • etsy.com - 3.354
  • 6pm.com - 3.571
  • bodybuilding.com - 3.998
  • bestbuy.com - 4.402
  • shopbop.com - 4.411
  • netflix.com - 4.445
  • audible.com - 4.529
  • ebay.com - 4.991

These sites performed very poorly.

  • autotrader.com - 40.284
  • babycenter.com - 33.251
  • kohls.com - 33.237
  • nike.com - 31.643
  • dickssportinggoods.com - 27.044
  • barnesandnoble.com - 24.925
  • sears.com - 22.623
  • bhphotovideo.com - 22.588
  • allposters.com - 21.791
  • cabelas.com - 21.539
  • macys.com - 21.186
  • stubhub.com - 20.466
  • landsend.com - 20.448

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